the unobservant bird

home peek: the nursery.

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably seen bits of the nursery, but I realized I’ve never shared any photos of it here. It’s very thrown together, a mishmash of handmade and thrifted items collected here and there, and, yes, the walls are brown. Brown, brown, BROWN, as Professor Higgins would say, as are all the other walls in the house. But we don’t care enough (and there are too many walls, and we hope to not be in the house too much longer) to repaint, so brown they will remain.

Bird mobile, handmade. Wall art, thrifted & handmade. Crib bedding, handmade using a thrifted bed sheet & this tutorial.

Hanky bunting, leftover from our wedding. Yellow granny square diaper holder, Frecklewonder. Antique frame, thrifted. Lamp, TJ Maxx. Dresser, bought used when I was in high school. Rag rug, thrifted. 

Bookshelf, handmade by my dad. Red dress, mine from my own babyhood. Ladybug play mat, handmade by a friend.

Bentwood rocker, craigslist. Star quilt pillow, handmade.


in which she tames the wolf and they picnic in the woods on the way to grandmother’s house.


At least, that’s how the story should go.

Happy Halloween!

playing with double exposure.


a weekend, a mistake.


I knew that I would make mistakes as a parent, but I had no idea that those mistakes would leave me feeling so inept, so ignorant, so scum-of-the-earth. Over the weekend we took Elsie to the pumpkin patch. It was a very chilly day, so things like sunburns didn’t occur to us. Two days later, you can find me faithfully applying cold compresses and medication to her little red and blistered face. The good news is, because it was so cold, her face is the only thing that wasn’t covered. The good news is, the burn could be worse. The good news is, she is still her happy, silly self. The good news is, we all had a blast that day and someday when we are far enough removed from the sunburn, I’ll be able to look at these pictures and remember the fun we had as a family rather than my feelings of worthlessness as a mother.

how they looked in arkansas.

Our vacation is over and we are back home readjusting to our routine. We had a wonderful time (except, you know, that part about John being asked to work nearly every day of his vacation! Grr.) but we are so happy to be home after more than a week and a half away.


those eyes.

crib pals.


Hey, there! Meet Samuel. That’s this puppy’s name, it says so on his tag, and I’ve had him since I was a little girl. For now he sits in Elsie’s crib and watches her while she naps. Sometimes I’ll happen by and see her, awake, neck craned to look at him, cooing away at him.

new camera, same (growing!) subject.

Early last year, soon after we got married, a friend very kindly gave his old Nikon film camera to John. It sat in our closet until this month, when I got a hankering to test it out. These photos and those you’ll see over the next few days are all from the test roll. And yes, they will all be of Elsie. Heh. But! We’re about to go on a wonderful vacation in which we plan to see mountains, Fall weather, and lots of family, including a new baby nephew. So maybe when we get back there will be a bit more variety on this blog again.

See that last picture up there? That’s about how happy we are about this upcoming vacation.

the highchair.

We finally got a highchair for Elsie! Mind you, this is not to say we are starting her on solids yet, because we are not. We plan to do Baby Led Weaning, and right now it seems like it will be quite some time before Elsie is ready for “real” food. Rather, the highchair is a result of my belief that it’s terribly important for her to be included in the family mealtime as early as possible. For the last couple of months that has meant that one of us has held her in our laps, but that can be a little difficult depending on what we’re eating for dinner. So now she gets to sit and watch us eat, coo at us, flirt with her daddy, and play with her toys. Plus she’s just so CUTE sitting up in her big chair.

Suggested reading on Baby Led Weaning:

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One year ago last month I shot a wedding for an acquaintance (a thing which I will never do again, but that’s another story. :)). The knowledge of my pregnancy was two days old and I was so, so sick from lack of food. My body’s reaction wasn’t a complete surprise; two days prior, I had nearly passed out on another friend’s kitchen floor, so we didn’t have extremely high expectations for how the wedding day would go for me. The remainder of the first trimester and beginning of the second went much like that, with a lot of miserable, sick days. BUT, after that? I loved being pregnant. Flat out loved  it. I wasn’t one of those women who hit the third trimester and wanted the baby out. right. now. I might’ve even blurted out to some other women that I could happily be pregnant forever. Looking back, I’m sure they went home and laughed heartily over it.


I say all that to say, one day last week I found myself, for the first time since Elsie’s arrival, and brought on by absolutely nothing in particular, with an enormously thankful heart for not being pregnant anymore. Strange, no, that it took four months for that to sink in?

What are you thankful for these days?