Girl Behind the Cameras

Hello! I’m pleased you’ve stopped by for a visit! If you are here, on this particular page, I think possibly you would like to know a bit more about the girl behind The Unobservant Bird. So, meet me:

Photo by John

I am Joanna.

I recently married a man named John, and he whisked me away from the Kansas countryside to live in Austin, TX. I love all things home-makey, and therefore bake and cook, go thrifting, and on occasion I will knit, and sew, and crochet (among other things).

But mostly what this blog is about is my effort to become more aware of the beauty all around me – the beauty within the simple, the old, the useful, and, yes, even the seemingly ugly things that make up my life – and to share that beauty with others. I photograph what I see using only vintage film cameras. My current cameras of choice are a Honeywell Pentax Spotmatic F, Polaroid Land Camera 230 and Yashica J.