recent randoms.

by Joanna

Hello everyone! We are all moved in to our Kansas apartment and are slowly getting the chaos under control. I know these are poor quality phone photos, but I did want to pop in and share a few shots from our first two weeks here. We LOVE it. Although not all of the boxes are unpacked, although there are some janky things about this new place, although we cannot find one Mexican food place here that serves real tortillas or migas (thereby killing our Saturday morning tradition of breakfast tacos), we love it.

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1. We are a short walk away from a nice park. 2. We live on a brick street. 3. Clementines, Kinfolk, the morning light. 4. Mantel sitting. 5. Tickle time before Daddy leaves for work. 6. Trying to learn the crawl stance. 7. Bathroom sink handwashing. 8. Our landlady left a (junky, but still!) baby grand in our apartment.