a weekend, a mistake.

by Joanna


I knew that I would make mistakes as a parent, but I had no idea that those mistakes would leave me feeling so inept, so ignorant, so scum-of-the-earth. Over the weekend we took Elsie to the pumpkin patch. It was a very chilly day, so things like sunburns didn’t occur to us. Two days later, you can find me faithfully applying cold compresses and medication to her little red and blistered face. The good news is, because it was so cold, her face is the only thing that wasn’t covered. The good news is, the burn could be worse. The good news is, she is still her happy, silly self. The good news is, we all had a blast that day and someday when we are far enough removed from the sunburn, I’ll be able to look at these pictures and remember the fun we had as a family rather than my feelings of worthlessness as a mother.