four months, baby.

by Joanna

It’s hard for me to believe that Elsie turned four months old earlier this week. Here’s a little “snapshot” of her at four months in list format:

– She adores her daddy.

– She loves sucking on her fingers. She usually has the first two of her right hand in her mouth, holding them in with her left hand.

– She is (usually) a wonderful little sleeper who only wakes me up once or twice in the night to eat.

– She prefers to put herself to sleep for her naps. Hold her and rock her and she’ll fuss and cry, but lay her down in her crib and she’ll suck those fingers and coo and eventually fall asleep.

– Despite her preference at naptime, she is still a very cuddly baby. Thankfully!

– She is starting to really enjoy some of her little toys, her favorite being that soft bunny in the pictures up there, given to her by a friend from church.

– She still loves ceiling fans and grins and coos at them.

– To her coos, she has recently added shrill shrieks and screeches. Sometimes happy, sometimes irritated. Sometimes it’s hard to tell. (She’s such a girl!)

– She enjoys spending time in the hand-me-down ultrasaucer we were recently given (people have been incredibly generous to us!). She jumps up and down in it, swipes at the toys, takes breaks to stare at the ceiling fan or to watch me knitting, and then when she’s ready to come out she starts screeching.

– She has rolled from her belly to her back once. We haven’t been able to get her to do it again.

I’m sure there’s more that I am forgetting, but that’s the bulk of it. Simply put, she’s busy making our lives generally sweeter!