a random old photo and some words, to boot.

by Joanna

Hi, there. How’ve you been? Things are running along smoothly here, if incredibly busily. Still, this is a happy time. We just spent a few lovely days with my family over the Thanksgiving holiday, we have both just kicked off three months of teaching Bible classes, our Christmas tree is up, all those little Christmas packages have been purchased (mostly handmade and vintage, of course!), one hundred and fifty Holiday cards are in the making, and on chilly days and evenings we often find ourselves curled up and working on our various projects in front of the fireplace.

And, of course, now we are our own little family:

In baby news, we are well into the second trimester and things are going well. I’m still not showing too much, but I’m also not sick anymore…or at least not often (believe it or not, getting sick two times in the last three days does, in fact, count as “not often”)! As of this week, John and I have both felt the baby move against my belly. And today? Today we hope to find out what we’re having. Care to share your guesses?

P.S. If you like, or know someone who likes, vintage things of the “quite perfectly perfect” sort, I’d say you should run over to my dear cousin’s shop, where there is currently a 55% off sale running.