on fires and flowers.

by Joanna

Last weekend we drove out to the Bastrop, TX area to see for ourselves the damage caused by the massive wildfires there. It was heartbreaking. Many thousands of acres were burned, over a thousand homes are gone, and a few people are dead. When you hear about these things on the news, you intellectually know what a horrible thing it is, but to see it in person was quite a different thing. If you can and want to.

These last two photos are in honor of my mama, who is coming for a weeklong visit, beginning tomorrow. During our last visit to Kansas (where they are having the most lovely Autumnal temperatures, boohoo, I miss it!), this field of sunflowers took my breath away. Sunflowers are funny things, they are quite obnoxious and a beast to keep out of your vegetable garden, but growing wild in a field like this they are oh-so-perfect!