a wee little announcement.

by Joanna

Hey there! Yes, it is indeed true! Little Baby Roseborough should be arriving in 2012, in the May-ish part of the year. Honestly, we had hoped to hold off making this announcement for a while longer, but with how sick I am beginning to feel we knew we wouldn’t be able to hide it much longer!

Forgive me for being away so long? The main reason I stay away is because I have no photos to share. It is so sweltering hot here that I just can’t bring myself to get out of the house unless I absolutely have to. We recently spent just under two weeks traveling to other parts of the country visiting various and sundry family. What a relief that was! Not only was it wonderful to spend the time with family, but we really loved seeing green outside again, and seeing rain falling from the skies, and, the thing that made me all kinds of happy, feeling daytime temperatures in the 60s-70s. I love Fall. I miss it. I hope you relish it if you live in a place that gets it. Texas is experiencing a terribly hot, hot drought, and it is no longer simply an annoyance. Please pray.

Have a great weekend, everyone! I’ll try to do better at the whole taking photos thing!