travels, and a shop update.

by Joanna

Hello! My body seems to be having a hard time recovering from the teeth yanking, but I wanted to pop in here before I run off like a good girl to take a nap. The above photos are just a few from our weekend away, weekend before last. The area we went to was so pretty, even though it is the driest it’s been since the late 1800s. Everywhere we went, we met the nicest animals wandering all over the place. A place seems so comfortable and homey to me when animals are around, don’t you agree? In Comfort we watched deer feeding across the creek and chatted with caged doves and two snobby orange cats. In Welfare we ate Schnitzel and homemade ice cream at one table in the company of a friendly dog while a mob of very fat, very loud turkeys climbed on top of another table to serenade us. Then there was the nice but mangy stray dog that attached himself to us in San Antonio at one of the missions (pictures from the missions coming another day!).

Now I’m off to snuggle with my own pussy cat and try to feel better but here are a few lovelies recently listed in the shop to cheer us all up! One of these beauties has already been snatched up, but I’d recommend going on out for a look at all the other new things. Click on the picture collage to go to the shop.