a weekend away, etcetera.

by Joanna


This past weekend we Roseboroughs took a long weekend to get away from Austin for a bit. We stayed in a small, country-ish town that was still fairly close to San Antonio and a few other places that we wanted to explore, which let us see and do so many things but still have a place to run away to where we could relax away from too many people.  I shot several rolls of film while we were away, but haven’t taken them in to be developed yet. I am having my wisdom teeth pulled tomorrow, which means it may be a day or so before I get around to posting the film photos. In the meantime, I was so excited by yesterday’s finds that I wanted to pop in and share them with you!

Yesterday morning we were speeding down a country highway on our way to San Antonio when I spied the remains of a yard sale. I gasped when I saw they had some vintage dresses hung up on the clothes line (how did they survive the weekend without being snatched up??). As soon as John hears me gasp when we are in the car, he immediately slows down. He knows it can only mean one of three things: I believe we’re about to be killed by another crazy driver, I see something I want a picture of, or I see a promising sale. We debated on whether or not to stop. Then, after we stopped, we debated on whether or not to go knock on the door. Obviously the sale was closed. No one was sitting outside, and no one has a garage sale on Mondays, anyway. Buuuuuuut they had left it all out for people to gawk at and want, and they had left their gate open, and besides all that, there were vintage dresses at stake! Maybe you didn’t know: I love vintage dresses. I wear them most days. But finding them, and in good condition, is so tricky! Which is why I had to try. So we crept up to the door and knocked. After a few moments an older gentleman answered the door. Wearing only his boxer shorts. Obviously I really wanted to look at those dresses, because I stayed put and talked to him, just as he was. He (somewhat) graciously agreed to let us look around a bit. People, fifteen wonderful old dresses came home with us! I’m still giddy about them. The bits you see up there are from the six that we decided I would keep (they fit like they were made for me!); the rest will be going in the shop after my recovery to spread the dress happiness all ’round!