the wonder of rain.

by Joanna

Hi, there.

I hope that it is a beautiful day wherever you are, as it is here! See those polka dots on the ground in front of me in that photo up there? That’s right, that is rain. Rain! Something we here in Austin had long forgotten the look and feel and sound of. I am so grateful for this thunderstorm, however short it may be! (I just opened the door to go out and stand in it some more, and a little lizard tried to run inside out of the rain. It is definitely a different world down here!)

We are staying busy these days chumming around with new friends, as well as trying to explore the city and surrounding areas while still staying cool. Just last night, for instance, we headed over to a local senior center to listen to the Austin Banjo Club practicing. Really. It was fun, but I didn’t get any pictures to share with you (I haven’t been taking many photos lately, I’m sorry!), and we definitely plan on going back again.