the rantings of a housewife. just a housewife.

by Joanna

So I’ve been married for a whopping six months now, and I thought I would finally share some of the thoughts I’ve had since February as I adapt to my new life as a housewife. I, who absolutely LOVE my current status as a homemaker, frequently find myself, when I am asked what I do, sheepishly and reluctantly answering, “Oh, you know. I’m just a housewife.” Really? Really? Just a housewife?

Why do we as a society put so little value on the work that a woman can do at home, whether she has children or not? Oh, I know it’s much more acceptable now to be a stay at home mom, but if a woman has no children, it is commonly expected that she will continue to have a career outside the home. Allow me to dispel the common idea of “just” a housewife being a lazy woman who sits and watches soap operas while eating through a box of chocolates (I must admit, the box of chocolates sounds quite delightful, but I’ll pass on the soaps, thank you kindly). Granted, there may be that kind of housewife, but any housewife who takes her job seriously will never have idle hands. With what does she busy herself, you ask? Well, the basics, of course, probably won’t change much from woman to woman: keep the house relatively clean; laundry; cooking healthy meals; etcetera, etcetera. But with every woman, and in different phases of her life, the housewife will be kept busy doing a multitude of things on top of the basics. Seeking ways to cut expenses in all areas of the home. Preparing for Bible classes. Being hospitable. Visiting the sick among her acquaintance. Making or finding affordable (and mending) clothes, blankets, and the like, for her family.  The working-40-hours-outside-the-home woman cannot stack alllllll of that (whatever that may be for that particular woman) on top of her full-time job, and if she can, she’s Superwoman. I’m not Superwoman. I tried to fit it all in even as a single gal and it’s just plain tough.

I know that I am so fortunate that, for now, and by sacrificing a few material things, we are able to get by with me at home, and that not every woman has that luxury. I know that I am fortunate to have a husband who greatly appreciates the work that I do at home – appreciates it and is proud of all that I do. I also know there may come a time when we need me to get a job outside the home. I know that, as kids come along and life gets busier and busier, my priorities will change. Keeping the house spotless won’t seem near as important as sitting down and spending quality time with my kids. But, regardless of what may come, I hope that caring for my home, husband and training up any children we are blessed with will always be my most important job in this life, a job to be ever so proud of.

Dare I ask…what are your opinions on this subject?