still here.

by Joanna

Hi, there.

I must confess that the family packed up and headed North over a week ago now, so I can’t give that excuse for my extended absence from here! A combination of suddenly busy schedules on top of my being drained of all energy (from the heat? from voluntarily giving up my morning coffee? [and before I get dozens of emails, no, I’m not expecting a child]) left me feeling like a wrung-out dishrag with no desire to finish any of the three or four posts I began writing over the last week. But now I’m finally feeling more chipper and ready to get back at it. Hurrah for mopping the floors before 10:30 in the morning! Never you mind that I’m still in my pajamas!

Last Saturday John and I had a quiet day to ourselves and after a lovely breakfast in Austin, we drove out to Wimberley to Pioneer Town to explore. We spent the day wading in the cool river and wandering around the little pioneer town that boasts weird stuffed dead things peering back at you from windows and even more disturbing mannequins frozen in the middle of pioneer-esque scenes. We even lapped up ice cream and shakes in the ice cream parlor, and played pinball in the arcade. And all for $5 in parking. Not bad! We actually loved it as a miniature and much more creepy version of Wichita’s Cowtown.

Do people still take baked goods to new neighbors? We have, in the space of one week, acquired two new sets of neighbors, one down the street one direction and the other down the street in the opposite direction. And even though the chances for awkward conversation is great (“Hi, I’m Joanna, and I live in that lovely house over yonder that is for sale and that you passed over for this crummy house. May I ask why?”), in my heart of hearts I suspect that I need to get over my shy and reclusive tendencies and trot over with some treats and nice conversation.