a few good things.

by Joanna

Happy Friday! This week flew right on by me, and it’s looking like the weekend will, too. Which is great, because it means that before I know it my mother, sister, and four of the cutest nephews a person could have will be arriving for a couple days’ visit next week. Which in turn means that I will be scarce in the internet world for a little while. So, while I’m off playing madly with the nephews and kissing their perfect chubby cheeks, I will leave you with a few things to look and listen at. Like those test photos up there from one of the Polaroid Lands that John and Dad modified last week. They work great! John tested the other camera with color film…maybe if we all ask him very politely and in our best manners he will post a photo or two on his blog for us to look at?

Also you might go over and look at some of the new things in the shop (click on any picture to go to the shop):

And, while you’re looking at all of that (if I haven’t lost your attention yet!), I’d recommend listening to some Matthew and the Atlas.

Okay, that’s all! Now I want to hear all about what you have planned for the weekend!