a chicken, a field, a tidbit or two.

by Joanna

Pretty chicken, yes? I want one, badly. Plus a few more, and a goat, to boot! Alas, this dream will just have to wait at least until we are out of this particular house.

This morning I began crocheting a camera cozy for the yashica, which has a tendency to let the light in on the film inside and produce a ugly spot on the image. While I’m not opposed to a light leak here or there, as they can have a charming effect, this camera’s leak is just plain pesky. Rather than use electrical tape, which would make the camera sticky and would be wasteful (as I would need to change it out every time I changed the film), I decided to make a cozy to keep the light out. It came together very quickly and before I knew it, it was all over and fitted the camera quite nicely. See? Whether it will keep light away from the film inside is still to be discovered!