and now we’re back.

by Joanna

Hello there, and a happy Monday to you! I have quite a lot of photos to share with you from our week away in Kansas. It was a fantastic week, full of wholesome activities and people that just make life more pleasant and fun, you know the ones I mean? We attended a wedding and a party celebrating my mother, hiked and picnicked, played Settlers of Catan, explored small towns, thrifted and went antiquing, weeded the vegetable garden, modified a couple of Polaroid cameras, played with the dog, went for walks, and then I even got to hold a chicken whose name I don’t remember. It’s funny, but when I make the list like that, I realize the obvious: that none of those things are exclusive to Kansas. And yet…combine them with the quiet, subtle landscapes and the people, and all of a sudden you’ve got about a million and one little magical moments! I try really hard not to say negative things on this blog about “This Place”, as I call it, where I find myself living, so all I will say now is that it just can’t compare. (Also the fact that the air here is so hot and stifling it taints everything it touches so that nothing found in it could be described as wholesome!) Okay, Negative Nellie time is over! Because I also know, every day, that I am so blessed and can be (and I am!) happy…no matter where I am living. I’ll just finish by saying that it is only ever time spent in Kansas that brings Robert Browning’s words floating to my mind: “How good is man’s life, the mere living!”

Over the weekend we decided to go a bit slow on the trip back home to Austin, stopping overnight to stay at a Bed and Breakfast (which had some really perfect bits of amazingness to it, but unfortunately NOT in the “Bed” or “Breakfast” [or even bathroom] departments!). So anyway, those phone photos up there is just a sampling from the whole week, and film photos will follow tomorrow.

When we got home last night, John set up his old record player and we cozied up on the couch just listening to some of the old records we’ve picked up along the way. Today has been a busy one, full of catch-up chores and errands, mailing off orders and putting new finds out in the shop (head over, I think you’ll like some of them!). And now a chicken is in the oven roasting alongside potatoes and carrots for dinner, and I am enjoying a moment to relax and just breathe!

What is that one special place that holds magic for you?