a drizzly thursday.

by Joanna

Hi there! What do you think of the new header? I spent the whole of the morning playing with paper (I now have a nice little stack of business cards that I LOVE!), and decided to freshen up the blog a tad while I was at it.

Last weekend we found this Polaroid camera at an estate sale. I know, like we needed more cameras around here, right? (Please don’t ask how many we now have.) Buuuuuuut I’ve discovered that it’s impossible to find good cameras for decent prices at thrift stores here, so to walk out of that estate sale with a working Polaroid camera for a fairly ridiculous bit of cash, well…how could we pass it up? I’m either not super crazy about the film we had for those test shots up there, or I just don’t know how to work the camera and film yet (most likely!), but the bit of funk going on in these photos is slowly growing on me.

Oh! and speaking of cameras, over the last few months John and I have picked up a couple of Polaroid Land Cameras identical to the one I already had. We are planning on modifying both of the more recently acquired cameras for modern batteries in the next few weeks. Is that something y’all would like to see me attempt a tutorial on here?