a peek.

by Joanna

As you might can tell, I haven’t been taking many shots with the film cameras lately. Oh, I take one here or there while we are out and about, but it’s certainly not enough to fill up a roll very quickly! I hope you don’t mind too much my popping in here with only phone photos to share snippets of my days!

I am finally starting to keep more of a work schedule, focusing on creative things and shop (!) things more consistently throughout the week, which leaves me feeling wonderfully productive and happy. Today I made some headway on the piece you see bits of up there, and I admit to you that I am becoming a little giddy over it!  Lately I have been looking a lot at Gee’s Bend quilts and of course I’ve spent plenty hours of my life poring over books on early American folk art. I love the Use What You Have attitude of those artists, how the aesthetic of their work was shaped by the materials they had on hand, and how beautiful and timeless their work is.

It is threatening to storm outside; the thunder is beginning to rumble and the skies have gone darker, and it’s promising to be a cozy evening indoors.