by Joanna

Hello, and I hope you had a wonderful weekend and Mother’s Day! Ours was busy and full and oh so nice! We began Saturday by visiting several of the Art of the Pot locations, where we met the warm and giving Julia Galloway. I’ve been in love with her work for a long time, and she’s pretty much as nifty as her pots. But anyway, it was good to meet so many talented potters and see the inspiring work they are doing, and to visit a few of the area working studios and artists’ homes.

A few nice finds at a couple of vintage shops, an estate sale, and a coffee shop rounded out the rest of Saturday. Sunday included holding the sweetest little baby Amelie Belle while hearing her papa – who is a cousin o’mine – preaching, making grilled pizzas with John, another estate sale, a phone talk with my beloved Mutti, and then hearing John preach at the little bilingual church we’ve been working with on Sunday nights. See what I mean? Good all around, that was the kind of weekend we had.

I’m counting down the days until we go to Kansas for THE wedding of the year (apart from mine, of course!), my Mutti’s retirement party, and an abundance of cheap thrifting/antiquing. And speaking of Kansas and of vintage clothing, the other night I dreamt that I was back in Wichita. Around dusk I went to visit my favorite vintage clothing shop there, only to find out that they had closed down. I began wandering down the darkening streets and ran into Dwight Schrute, who was equally upset that the shop had closed. Oh, my. We still cackle on occasion about Dwight showing up in my dream.

Hey, have you checked out the shop lately? We added quite a few new things last week, and more are in the works, so skip on over there!