giveaway winner, etc.

by Joanna

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Add a Print! #1 voting on our Facebook page! Not only has the winning image been added to the Etsy shop in two sizes, the winner of the 4×6 giveaway was drawn this morning and the winner is Letha! Congratulations!

It has been a busy day, but oh-so good! John and I managed to squeeze in a bike ride this morning after breakfast and before someone came to look at our house which is on the market. I’ve since been out and about running errands including mailing off a custom order at the post office (you know who you are, and thank you!), a visit to the library, and a special trip to our chosen printer across town with the Sunset Moon negatives in hand.

I plan to spend the rest of the afternoon finishing the quilt I began when the little guy whose feet you see up there was first born. Do you see how sneakily I made it seem as if I’m a really awesome and on-the-ball sort of an aunt when really I’m just a plain bad one who takes so long to finish things that “the little guy” is now this little guy who just turned one at the beginning of this week? Yup, I think today is a great day to finish that quilt!