hello, spring.

by Joanna

After a couple of days of cloudy skies, we awoke today to the sun plus cooler temperatures than we’ve seen in awhile (or, less than 80F). That combination of sun and a nice cool breeze always gets me going in a frenzy of productivity, so I’ve been cleaning and washing and being realistic with myself about what things we really, truly need. Lots of things were donated today from the few rooms and closets I touched, and there is still an embarrassing amount of unnecessary things filling up the house. I really despise the gluttonous feeling of having acquired way too many material things, so it feels wonderful to cut things loose and kick them out of the house!

There  are a great many small things or moments that I am enjoying these days. Shall I name a few? Let’s see: breakfasts with John on our upstairs deck which overlooks the nature preserve (I’m sitting out here as I type this post and have, in the last five minutes, heard the rooster calling from the farm up the road, an owl hooting, and about a hundred songbirds). Using a big, old, green watering can to water my recently-potted flowers. Holding John’s hand as we pray together. Humming while I work. Bike rides through the neighborhood on our red vintage bikes. Hearing a pot of soup bubbling away on the stove. Having all of the windows open wide and breathing in the fresh air. John’s ability to work from home most days. Wearing my hair in three twisted buns. Looking out of freshly cleaned windows/doors. Seeing the tree budding outside the living room window. Snail mail in the mailbox.

What are some of the things you’ve been enjoying lately?