shop talk.

by Joanna

Has it really been so long since I’ve posted?! Hm. Ever so sorry! It has been a busy, busy month here and has pretty much flown by without my noticing! We spent the whole of last week on vacation in Kansas, as my mother was on Spring Break. I read barrels of books and found loads of really too-good-to-be-true-but-truly-true deals on vintage-y things and sewed and just thoroughly enjoyed my time with Mutti, but John ended up working through most of his vacation days! Ah, well. We’ll try that whole John-takes-a-vacation thing again another time.

I have been scheming for a little while of some updates and changes to make to the ol’ etsy shop, and am quite pleased to announce that we are now offering up vintage and handmade-by-me items, in addition to the prints. New items will be posted throughout the week, BUT I don’t want to overwhelm you with constant announcements about it here, so howzabout I make Mondays my day for shop announcements? So, hey! Run on over and check out the new stuff!

P.S. The pillow in that top photo there? Yup, that one. That’s a quilt block from the 1880s that you see smack dab in the middle of the pillow, and boy did I ever feel sacrilegious sticking my needle into that relic to make a pillow out of it! I got through it by telling myself that our foremothers were sensible folks and surely would have preferred seeing it put to use than sitting in an antique store taking up space! I might be adding that one to the shop, but right now I’m “sitting on it”, as they say, since John did mention he almost wishes we could keep it for ourselves. And I say, when a man says that about a decorative pillow, well…maybe it’s quite a pillow!