settling in.

by Joanna

Yesterday we finally got two rolls of film developed, and you see how old they are – going on two weeks! I haven’t taken any photos lately, and that’s just one of my problems. Mostly, I confess, I am being attitudinal right now. It has been difficult, to say the least, for this simple country girl to try to adjust to this new and very large and very different place. I ventured out on my own a couple of days ago – going grocery shopping just down the road – and a hairy two hours later arrived back at home announcing that from here on out “I Will Never Leave This House Again Unless John Is With Me.”  And I haven’t.

Is it too late to save this post from being a downer? Here are things that ARE nice about this place:

– Living with John is rather nice!

– There is a huge nature preserve just one street over and one night we heard a pack of coyotes yowling!

– There is a small farm at the entrance to our neighborhood and fresh eggs are just a short walk away!

Are nice things going on in your life? I want to hear about them!