pretty pastels in a shop window.

by Joanna

Funny (in that horribly un-funny way) how all these things seem to hit at once.  You know what I’m talking about. A few weeks before your wedding you happen to poke a finger back in your mouth and discover that, oh! that dull ache you felt last week was actually teething pains as one of your wisdom teeth is deciding to make its appearance, and in a very odd location to boot, and you realize you’ll probably be spending some quality time with the dentist soon after the wedding. Then your computer and phone both die and you realize how very useful they are in getting things done right now. I’m pretty sure there has been something else, but I can’t remember.

So here I sit, on a borrowed computer, eating a homemade brownie while digging through my WordPress media gallery finding random old uploaded-but-as-yet-unposted photos for a rambling post, because it is the middle of the night and I am exhausted but cannot go to sleep, and because I would rather be looking at pretty pastels in a shop window than going back over my to-do list for the hundredth time. 

In nicer news, this weekend my dad is helping us move me down to Austin, and I am tickled that he will have the chance to see Austin and the house, and that all of my belongings will finally be at “home”!

P.S. I have an awesome sister.