the last weeks.

by Joanna

I’m in this weird blogging phase right now, as I am sure you can tell, where I want to post oftener, but simply don’t know what to say. I’m all for talking about daily life, but right now my daily life is wedding and moving and I am just not that eager to burden you with those details. Who cares how many boxes I’ve packed so far? (If you do, I couldn’t tell you; I’ve lost count.) Who cares what my mother and I are making to serve at the reception? (Chicken pot-pie, meatloaf, mashed potatoes, green beans, fruit salad, and pies-no-cake-thank-you-very-much. In case you were interested.) Who cares that I’m spending most of my thinking time figuring out table seating and my hands are busy making napkin rings and hanky buntings and cross-stitching “R’s” and shuffling around etsy for things I might have forgotten? Who cares that at least once a day I think to myself, “we should have just eloped!”? Really, I ask you, who?

So, you see, I just don’t know what to say, and I’m sorry for that. Pictures may be all you get for the next three or so weeks, and those I will post when I can.

The good news is, this Friday will be TWO WEEKS from the happy day I become Mrs. Roseborough!