so it begins.

by Joanna

We rang in the new year quietly, enjoying a very inexpensive date night of thrifting (cheap and bountiful thrifting is one of the things we will both miss about Wichita), frozen pizza, homemade brownies (topped with ice cream and homemade chocolate syrup) and Harry Potter movies at home. I never was one for New Year’s eve parties. I might be more inclined if hosts made a habit of offering pillows and a short nap time! As it is, I prefer to stay home, snuggled up cozy and warm, with the freedom to doze off at any time I please. What can I say? I’m a very grumpy girl if I am kept from my sleep!

This new year will bring many big changes, both planned and not even dreamed of,  for me and John and for everyone around us, but I’m not as scared by it as I imagined I would be. Really all I can think is…isn’t the future such an exciting thing to face?

What’s in store for you, this year?