hellos, apologies, weddings, and happy thanksgivings.

by Joanna

Hellos, apologies.

How have you been? It’s been awhile, and I’m sorry for that. In fact, I have the time to post this only because I have a cold and my coughing, hacking, and blowing was annoying my coworkers who finally made me come home! I’ve certainly missed being in this space as of late, but unfortunately I expect to be away from it more often than not in the next few months until the wedding is over and we are settled and I find time to take photos again.  I’m hoping that after everything settles down, I will even be able to get the etsy shop going again! Wouldn’t that be grand? As it is, these days my time on etsy is spent looking feverishly for handy little things to help make a little wedding on a short schedule and small budget beautiful.


Things are coming together, quite nicely. I’m learning a lot. I’m learning that I can really get a lot accomplished in a day. I’m learning that even a simple, unconventional wedding that is nothing like I used to imagine can still be beautiful and respectful and fully us. I’m learning that necessity really is the mother of invention, or, at least, of creativity. I’m learning that most of the silly little things at weddings that generations upon generations have convinced us are necessary really are not. I’m learning how generous so many people around me truly are, even after they find out the wedding will be family-only. And every day I am learning more about the sweet enduring patience of the man who chose me.

Happy Thanksgivings.

Well, I’m excited about the upcoming holiday! Thanksgiving is the only time of the year that my entire immediate family is able to be together, so of course I love it! Who do you spend Thanksgiving with? What recipes are a must-have at your dinner table?