baden hall.

by Joanna

Last week was a week of adventures.  So many photographic experiences crammed into one week, and no time to share more than a few photos on here! This week should be a bit calmer for me, so I’ll be sharing the photos over the next few days.

We wandered over to Winfield, KS one afternoon and, in driving around the town, ran across this building in the middle of a park.  Of course I had to get out and go for a closer look. The only thing keeping curious visitors at bay was a solitary (and easily ignored!) orange traffic cone sitting in the middle of the glass-riddled sidewalk. I was fascinated by this building. In its heyday it must have been a beautiful building; indeed, its beauty is still evident, haunting the park with its ruins. I will never understand how a city can let such beautiful old buildings sit and rot, until age tatters the curtains and neighborhood punks destroy even the highest window panes with their rocks. All while boxes of old encyclopedias sit idly, undisturbed through the years, forgotten on the front stoop.