the post of many good things.

by Joanna

I considered writing a Five Senses Friday post, but decided there are just too many nice things going on around me right now to focus on a select few. Small things…quiet things…simple things. But, after all, those are the best things about life, are they not? Things like:

– Packages in the mail from dear sweet cousins

– Watching someone who has never eaten a peach in his life eat one freshly-picked

– Vintage aprons with pockets (thanks to afore-mentioned dear sweet cousin)

– Vintage dresses with buttons (thanks to another dear sweet cousin)

– Floral prints

– Plaid

– Red vintage bikes

– Seeing new places

– The first hints of Autumn

– Warm, homemade chocolate chip cookies

– Seeing Polaroid pictures, up close and in person

– Freshly-washed hair

– Marius: his soft fur, his ridiculously long whiskers, his occasional loud yowl

– And, of course, those sunrises and sunsets

There are so many more! What are some of the small good things in your life right now?