colorado, part one: rocks, mountains, that colorado sky.

by Joanna

Colorado was amazing.  I hiked, rode horses, enjoyed a tiny town’s 4th of July festivities, saw the milky way in the night sky, visited the oddest cemetery ever, spent an afternoon at Mesa Verde, and spent a LOT of time in the car going from place to place and just staring out the windows at those mountains as someone else drove. I had forgotten what incredible scenery Colorado has.

I feel like I wasn’t gone nearly long enough, which probably means it was just the right amount of time. Coming home before I was ready to do so has left me with a bug for more traveling and more venturing out of my smallish comfort zone.

But let’s get through the photographs from this trip before planning any more trips, shall we?  More photos to come – I have several posts lined up that I’m eager to share with you!