popping in on a weekend.

by Joanna

This afternoon, with a four-year-old boy wearing a cowboy hat, leather “cowboy” vest and cowboy boots (my neighbors’ son) by my side, I saw a tiny baby rabbit – close enough we could have touched him – hiding in the weeds of the flower bed I was clearing out.  Two large dogs roam the property and keep the rabbit population to a minimum, which made the sighting infinitely more special.  I glanced away for a moment and when I looked back, he was gone.  I wished him well. This evening I hosted an outdoors party which included vintage table linens, homemade ice cream (many thanks to mutti and dad!), croquet to keep the little ones busy, and best of all, friends and buckets of laughter. And when it was over, the friends gone and the dishes clean and the linens in the wash, I sat, alone, on the front porch. I drank two cups of coffee by the light of the festive bulb lights strung around the porch, watching as the fireflies played in the darkness beyond. The crickets sang and the windchimes rang. It was a day full of magic. Pure magic.

And I wanted to share it with you.

What moments of magic have brightened your life lately?