speaking of babies.

by Joanna

There is a woman at the local market that sells these succulents – “old-fashioned’ varieties, she calls them.  I wasn’t aware there were new-fashioned varieties. Although (or rather, because) I am particularly inept at keeping plants alive, I got a few several weeks back.  Today I peeked at them for the first time in…awhile.  They are still alive! Some are even growing! And one has sprouted a new little limb, a baby succulent!  It’s awfully cute.

Speaking of babies, my sister and four nephews were just here for a ten-day visit.  I quite approve of the new one. I’m pretty crazy about them all, in fact. There’s this funny little aching way down inside me now that they are gone. Back to reality…which is decidedly lacking in babies. Of the human kind, anyway.