this week: highlights.

by Joanna

This week I put more goodies up in my shop, and more are still to come!

This week I ran out of 400 film, and decided to use up some old 800 film before buying more.  I usually shy away from 800.  I haven’t had consistent success with it, so I’m a little scared of it.  But the more I look at some of the photos that came out of this batch, the more I like them.

This week I used my newly-thrifted Polaroid Land Camera for the first time ever.   I have so much to learn!  But I’m loving the prospect of getting it all figured out.

This week one of my prints was featured in anticipationcard‘s treasury of “My Favorite Things” (is providing three links in one sentence breaking some blogging etiquette rule?).  Anyone who is, or has ever at some time been fond of The Sound of Music will understand my delight at this.

This week the lilacs were in full bloom and smelled wonderful.

This week my three peony bushes burst out with buds.  I am eager for next week, when they start opening.

This week I began training to run a 5k in June.  I am not a runner.  Massive quantities of moral support are needed over here!

This week I realized what a truly lucky girl I am.  I tell you this so you can remind me of it later, when I stop seeing all the good things in my life.

What were some of the highlights for you this week?