Happy Tuesday

by Joanna

Well! It was one sickness after another there for a couple of weeks (aren’t Spring illnesses the worst?), but I’m up and running again.  I’m afraid I haven’t taken many pictures lately – these are from last week, the days of drinking that ghastly concoction, a tea for sore throats.  It works splendidly.  It even looks quite charming when served in a real English teacup with a bit of lemon floating on top.  It’s taste, however, is less than splendid!

Anyway, I’m staying very busy right now trying to get plants in the ground and weeds out of the ground, as well as various things done inside, such as sewing curtains.  That’s right:  I’ve been living here for a year and I am just now getting around to doing something about replacing those plastic pull-down shades.  You know the kind.

Everything is flowers and sunshine right now, it seems, and I am loving it!