Nifty: News + Giveaway!

by Joanna

After years of threatening to do it, I’ve finally started an Etsy shop.  I’m quite excited about it, as you can imagine, so to celebrate, let’s have a giveaway! For a chance to win one 4×6 mini-print of your choice from this selection, all you need to do is leave me a comment (any comment!) here by midnight of April 7 (that’s year 2010), after which one winner will be drawn at random.  Okay? Okay!

In other news, yesterday I went to my hairdresser and let her do what her scissors have been itching to do for awhile now – cut off at least a foot of hair.  The idea was that the ponytail would be donated. That was before I overestimated my pussy-cat’s obedience for staying off of furniture he knows is off-limits, and left the curly pony on said furniture, waiting to be packaged up and sent off.  Today I came home to find that Marius had attacked and mauled the pony until it was no longer a pony but rather several very big tufts of hair scattered all over the floor.  I’ll have to try again in another three years…