Five Senses Friday

by Joanna

I told myself that as soon as I got this new blog going, I would begin playing along with abby try again for Five Senses Friday.  Of course I won’t go so far as to say that I will participate every Friday, because that’s the surest way of not doing so, but I’ll do my best.


The Ames Piano Quartet, who was (were?) in town over the weekend.  It was incredible, listening to those four instruments in person.


The sunrise on my way to work one day this week.  Sunshine has been a rare thing this winter, and sunrises even more so.


The silky-soft fur of my cat Marius; as I bury my hands in it, he snuggles deep into my lap.  (We are a very cold pair.)


What else?  The red pears that I daily take to enjoy at work.


All those red roses as I take pictures of them.

What are you sensing today?

(Oh, and a happy Valentines weekend to you!)